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Reform the Prison System

My primary issue is this; I want the state prison system to incarcerate violent offenders, sex offenders, drunk drivers, and drug dealers. In short, I want the prisons to separate people who hurt others from the rest of the population. There is no reality to the notion of reformation of such offenders and I do not want to continue to provide free education, job training, and entertainment.  Sports and religious services should occur at no cost to the state.

Holiday feasts should be available to the extent that the state does not pay.

Offenders who commit purely economic crimes should pay triple restitution to their victims and a fine to the state. Such fiscal offenders would never enter the prison system if they pay.

I believe such a system would result in the release of thousands of inmates in Arizona. The cost savings should be stupendous and we will stop wrecking the lives of our young people.


Transfer Federal Land to Arizona

When Arizona became a state, the federal government was supposed to transfer its land holdings to the state. This never happened and today about 74% of the land area of Arizona is held by the Federal Government. See Morris Udall report dated 9/14/62.

No taxes are paid on this land and much of it is unused for any purpose. 

I propose to introduce legislation to register millions of acres of Federal Land to Arizona.

Evan Mecham Memorial

Evan Mecham was a World War II hero; shot down over France in a fighter aircraft; captured by Germans, and escaped.

He was the duly and properly elected Governor of Arizona and was improperly removed from office, by the same type of people who have improperly failed to certify President Trump.

I propose that a memorial be erected to him as an apology to his family for his treatment.




Ken Bowers
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