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  District 04  neighbors!


I am a candidate for the District 04 seat in the Arizona Senate. (Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and part of Phoenix)

I am a US Navy veteran, a registered Arizona attorney and have lived in District 04 for more than 30 years. My resume can be seen at the page "About Ken".  My picture can be seen at the Photo Gallery.

As a 20 year veteran retiree with the Arizona Department of Corrections, my belief is: there are tens of thousands of young men, and at least hundreds of young women: inmates who should not be in prison. In the page entitled "On the Issues" you will find a full description of my proposal to revise our criminal code to imprison violent offenders and fine fiscal offenders. This huge change is my major issue.

My plan to expedite the transfer of federal land to Arizona is  discussed under "On the Issues".

"Make America Great Again" (or "MAGA") appears on my leaflets and most of my signs because I support President Donald Trump. You can accurately judge my character by reference to my desire to help President Trump be restored to his office as President and to say so publicly here and elsewhere.

I am financing this effort myself and am not soliciting or accepting financial assistance. Please contact me via E Mail if you want to distribute 10 flyers to your neighbors.

Since I am self-financed, if elected, I will not owe favors to anyone.  I pledge to ceaselessly support the Right-to-Life position and 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. If these positions offend you, I may not be your candidate.

I have never been elected to any office. I am not related to any member of the Az Legislature. (I am not Rusty Bowers, am not related to him, and have never met him.)

The Primary Election will be July 30, 2024. The General Election will be November 5, 2024. 

Thank you for your consideration: hoping for your vote.

God Bless America!

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Ken Bowers
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